Michelle Merrick

Finding time to take care of myself, both physically and mentally, was a struggle. Then I learned that there really isn’t time to find - you have to MAKE the time.  Make it work.  Put yourself to work.  Make the decision to start, and commit to, positive lifestyle changes.  In the aftermath of our daily routines, it is important to love who you are while you work on becoming better, stronger, and healthier.  
As a Personal Fitness Trainer and Group Class Instructor, I strive to help clients set and achieve performance based goals. I love how I feel after every workout…completely exhausted and exhilarated at the same time.  I hope to pass along this love of fitness to my clients.  My focus is strength training with proper form and posture to ensure client safety when performing any movement.


Tyrell James

Tyrell James is a native of Washington D.C. He has been boxing since the age of 7. During his adulthood, he became interested in natural ways of remaining healthy. After losing several family members to cancer, Tyrell decided to become certified in any area that he believed could protect against cancer as well as other diseases.